How Kangaroo Dual Pouch Underwear Works ?

Kangaroo Dual Pouch Elephant Nose Trunk 

Kangaroo Dual Pouch Trunk-Push Up Style


Kangaroo Dual Pouch Design: There is a hole in the front, which separates your Joey and ball.

3-D Lift & Support Breathable Balls Pouch and RingUp contributing to a Fuller Upright to help boost blood flow and circulation.

how to wear

Step 1:Insert feet through leg holes and raise underwear to the hip joint.

Step 2:Examine the Separated two-pouch system. It Is most easily identified by the breathable barrier between the pouches.

Step 3:Guide your scrotum into the lower pouch while directing your joey into the front pouch(you can see there is a hole in the front pouch).

Step 4:It's a new sensation and you may want to shift the undergarment forward or backward to find your personal position for maximum comfort.

Step 5:You know it's the right spot when you feel as if you're wearing nothing at all.